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surf the pacific northwest

Trees wave magic

with all their wisdom,

stretching out towards frigidity.

A salubrious pod

a friend

my watchful companion

makes me ponder

makes me wander


maybe I should stay.

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Haven’t felt like writing much… just reading. Whatever I can get my hands on really. Getting deep into the hefty Kerouac my allies at MEC shipped me off with when I fled the coop. Plowing through the Surf Survival Handbook. Re-reading the final chapter of my how-to-get-movies made book.

And of course, there’s Bukowski. There’s always Bukowski. The Last Night of the Earth Poems tucks me to bed. This one in particular turned me on so much, I’m compelled to immortalize here.

the man with the beautiful eyes

charles bukowski

when we were kids
there was a strange house
all the shades were
and we never heard voices
in there
and the yard was full of
and we liked to play in
the bamboo
pretend we were
(although there was no
and there was a
fish pond
a large one
full of the
fattest goldfish
you ever saw
and they were
they came to the
surface of the water
and took pieces of
from our hands.

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