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miss your brothers

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What I wouldn’t give to see them get tossed.

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learn spanish

surfear  me gusta surfear / I like to surf

tabla   se me olvidó la tabla en el sol / I forgot my surfboard in the sun (rookie mistake)

buena mota    buena mota, sabor como piña / good weed, tastes like pineapple

tiburon   tiburon piqueno / little shark

buena ola   yo tome una buena ola / I took a good wave

como tes fue?   how’d you do? How was it for you?

linea   no lluequé la linea / didn’t make it to the line up (stupid whitewalls)

rocas   tenga cuidauo hay rocas / watch out for the rocks

olas cerrados  blown out

me cai  I ate shit

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