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The Surfer’s Path Issue 98 Sep // Oct 2013

The Surfer’s Path printed* my story titled ‘Her Endless Summer’.

6-pages, 2500-words… And a mention in the editor’s note:

“It’s about a girl who decided to learn to surf and, oozing with glee, determination and cocky energy, she damn well does. Over a year or so, her mission takes her from Canada to Burleigh, with multiple stops along the way, and from total kook to beaming surf queen. Getting good shots of Nora surfing wasn’t easy, so we had to settle for some more generic shots of surf queens riding and, stone me if all the best ones we found didn’t just happen to be… righthanders.” – ADR  (pity about those rights ADR, since I’m way into lefts.) 🙂

*The Surfer’s Path is the first 100% “green” surf magazine – printed on 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper (processed without chlorine bleach) with non-GMO soy inks. RAD.

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5 thoughts on “cover girl

  1. Way to go, Nora!

  2. Che Shayne says:

    so COOl mrs Nora! xoxo

  3. Bukit Bear says:

    Major awesomeness – stoked for you 🙂 !

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