Learn Australian

ta thanks

rock up show up ei: he better rock up soon

brekkie breakfast

maccas Macdonalds

Straya Australia

arvo afternoon

mozzies mosquitos

how ya going? how are you?

g’day hello

mate friend, buddy, pal, dude, etc etc (tag it on to pretty much any sentence)

reckon to gather/to think ei:reckon it’ll rain this arvo, mate?

Tally Ho a preferred brand of rolling papers

op shop thrift store

bogin’ redneck

frothin’ you feel it after a good session

teabaggin’ it sitting out on your board not catching waves, just floating

Bunyip A mythical creature (like a Sasquatch)

root, rooting, rooted fuck, fucking, fucked

Mermaid that’s me

no drama no worries

I reckon learning Australian is much easier than Learning Spanish, mate!

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5 thoughts on “Learn Australian

  1. Elizabeth says:

    g’day Mermaid! ta for the mudder’s day card. do you reckon you will be teabaggin’it this weekend or working your buns off at Kathmandu?

  2. ta mate! reckon we need a teabag session soon, ay?

  3. Two (and more) countries, divided by a common language.

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