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coup d’oeil

“The ornithologist David Sibley says that in Cape May, New Jersey, he once spotted a bird in flight from two hundred yards away and knew, instantly, that it was a ruff, a rare sandpiper. He had never seen a ruff in flight before; nor was the moment long enough for him to make a careful identification. But he was able to capture what bird-watchers call the bird’s “giss” – it’s essence – and that was enough.

Malcolm Gladwell, blink: The power of thinking without thinking

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5 thoughts on “see it

  1. Bird says:

    What does it all mean?

  2. Hummm, that’s an interesting post 🙂

    I really like Mr. Gladwell’s ideas (am a big fan of his other book “Outliers: the story of success” (2008)).

    In regard to “Blink”, if I recall it right lately there’s some people going against such theory… Nevertheless, I agree it could be true and I think it’s worthy of consideration.

    • Nora says:

      that one’s a good size, that dude’s sitting too far back, I’m in the best spot, it’s gonna be a left, sweet sweet left, that other dude’s not ready, it’s mine, IMMA TAKE IT!!

  3. sambit says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice quotes of Malcolm Gladwell…

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