trade up

6’0” / 20 ½” / 2 ½”

Somewhere between here and there,

I found you.

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2 thoughts on “trade up

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Al Merrick Surfboards

    Surfing has become a popular recreational activity in coastal areas, and the demand for surfboards is ever increasing. It was the Hawaiians who made the first surfboards, with the purpose of riding breaking waves heading towards the beaches. There are innumerable manufacturers and designers of surfboards, but Al Merrick is definitely among the best in this business. He is renowned for his high-performance, innovative surfboards, made for surfers intending to excel in the adventurous surface water sport. Al Merrick designs his products in consultation with top professional surfers such as Kalani Robb and Tim Curren. These surfboards are available in different shapes and designs. Al’s ‘Five’ is an easy maneuverable shortboard, with a narrow nose and a flat concave bottom that provides high speeds, and excellent performance standards. In 2004, Al Merrick introduced the M4 which had a wider nose and tail. This feature makes it convenient for riding small to medium waves. Al Merrick has developed the Flyer shape giving it a wider tail and nose, and fuller rails that make it convenient for surfing on small to medium waves like the M4. This creative person has also upgraded the versatile Flyer II, giving it a pulled swallow tail that enables it to remain steady even in overhead surfing. Al Merrick has also developed the Sashimi, the MX, the m-BM, the MBB, the M-13 New Blue, the Black Beauty, the Single Fin and several other innovative surfboard designs. Their shape, styling, finish and other design features have made these surfboards extremely popular.
    So…which model is yours?

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