March 9, 2013

“How ya going doll?” she asked as her freshly manicured nails expertly glossed pink honey wax on my poon.

“I’m moving!” I braced myself and she ripped. “Leaving the Goldie and heading south to Victoria.”

“Good on ya girl! Any reason in particular?”

“Well, I have a friend that lives in Melbourne. She’s invited me to come stay with her for a bit. And to tell you the truth, I’ve just had one too many mean things said to me in the water.”

“Like what dear?”

“Want to hear what some guy said to his mate just yesterday at Rainbow Bay? It’s really too obnoxious to repeat.”

“Oh go on doll! Tell us.”


“I’m so embarrassed,” she blushed.

“I know! Rude, eh? I guess he wasn’t used to seeing an exotic chick in the water so early or something.”

“Did you ask him if it made his DICK feel bigger by belittling a lady like that?”

“No! But that’s a good one. I’ll use it next time. I just paddled up close and gave him THE LOOK. Worked like a charm.”

“Lift your leg up doll.”

I lifted my leg and bent my knee. She spread a strip of wax alongside my anus. It felt warm.

“You know for every mean thing said there’s always three nice things, but it’s the mean words that haunt.”

“I hear ya. The nasty comments are the ones you remember the most.”

Then she ripped the strip of wax off my ass crack. I flinched, but only slightly.

“That’s a good girl. Just a little touching up and we’re finished.” She reached for the tweezers. I watched as she meticulously plucked stubborn hairs off her olive canvas.

“There. You’re all done, gorgeous.”

“Looks amazing. Thanks so much Coralyne.”

She wished me all the best of luck and left the room. I took a moment to admire her work before slipping back into my faded cutoffs.

Now I’m ready to get fucked, I thought. Let’s go OCEAN. Pick me up and pit me hard.

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7 thoughts on “journal

  1. Elizabeth says:

    What can I say – it sounds like many male surfers are macho, mean-mouthed, and don’t like too much competition, esp. from women. From Costa Rica to the Gold Coast – no difference!

  2. n8 says:

    EVERYONE does it. Even YOU and you dont even know it. Thats just part of it. When’s the last time you got vibed out? Today. Me? Everyday. Shake it off and surf.

  3. n8 says:

    Hey, nice setting! Haha. Girls can relate to that. Also it’s our version of the taxi driver wisdom. Those ladies know ALL our secrets.
    Oh the waxing metaphors you can make….


  4. Back in my day, the Beach Boys sang about waxing up their surf boards. My, the times, they are a-changin’. Hope Melbourne has waves and men more worthy of riding.

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