Number 1

Aim: Increase speed

Hypothesis: If I surf in a wetsuit then strip to a bikini, the speed of my take-off will increase.

Equipment: 3/2 wetsuit


  1. Paddleout in wetsuit
  2. Surf for about an hour
  3. Catch one in and strip it off
  4. Paddleout out in bikini
  5. Surf until she says you are allowed to go in

Results: I was slow as a koala bear in the wetsuit. I’ve forgotten how heavy those things are! But when it came off, I moved like speedy gonzalez. Also works for strength training the duckdive and paddle.

Conclusion: Yup, faster.

Comments: The locals think I’m totally nuts. (But they dig it.)

Number 2

Aim: Increase familiarity with rails

Hypothesis: Regular outings on a skateboard will improve my fluidity on a surfboard.

Equipment: Skateboard


  1. Charge ipod
  2. Cruise

Results: It’s definitely helping. Little S-turns are in the bag!

Conclusions: I’m a grom.

Comments: Did you see my floater?

Number 3

Aim: Find a favourite chip.

Hypothesis: Finding a favourite chip will make life less complicated.

Equipment: Coinage


  1. Go to store
  2. Buy potato chips
  3. Eat

Results: Australian chips are outrageously priced ($4.95 for crinkle cut?!), so I only buy what’s on sale or ones with really appealing names (Cheesy Gems!). Twisties are gross, Tasty Toobs pretty delicious, Red Rock Deli good, and Smith’s could be crunchier.

Conclusions: I have yet to find a staple, but I remain optimistic.

Comments: Live the search.

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4 thoughts on “experiment

  1. Bukit Bear says:

    Haven’t worn a wetsuit in over 15 years.. not since migrating to the tropics – cannot handle.

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