earn it

3 months in Cali

3 months in Costa

4 boards

26 beach breaks

1 stingray

1 near drowning

1 tropical ear fungus

2 wetsuits

2 bikinis

2 sizes trimmer

3 shades darker

7 Brazilians (waxes not boys, although…)

1 campervan

1 Hawaiian surfing compadre

9 indecent proposals

13 books

3 pens

1 stolen cellphone

6 Spanish words for beautiful


1 ticket to surfing Australia

*shark insurance sold separately

5 thoughts on “earn it

  1. Elizabeth Chong says:

    How about “One constantly worried mum?”

  2. live the dream for us Nora xo

  3. Philip says:

    Only 9 indecent proposals? You’re slipping, m’dear.

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