how to survive a stingray attack

Hello. You may remember me from such episodes as How to survive a skunk attack or Jungle Warfare. Well, this time around I got in the ring with a ray and I must say, they know how to bring The Pain.

At first, it might feel like a wee crab nipped at your foot. You’ll limp out of the water giggling, hobble toward your surfing compadre, and plop down on the sand to inspect the bottom of your foot. Then you’ll see blood. Then the venom will kick-in. (Brace yourself for The Pain.)

Seek help. If a family of good Samaritans just happens to be walking by and offers up their nearby house to care for the wound, you’re lucky… Go with it.  It also helps if your surfer friend piggybacks you all the way to their safe house. (The mind numbing pain takes care of the humiliation, trust me.)

Meet The Cline Family: Sophie, Ellie, and Connor. Missing from photo is their mom, Katy, who was such an emergency rock star.

Submerge the sting in hot water once you’re at the safe house.  The hot water neutralizes the effect of the venom, and we like this. We like this A LOT. Depending on the sting, you’ll probably be soaking the for 20-minutes to 2-hours. (I let mine sit for about an hour.)

Pop a couple Benadryls to help with the inflammation.

Disinfect the cut with peroxide.

Seal it up with crazy glue. If you’re with someone that has 8-months of Costa Rican jungle survival training under their belt, you’re lucky… Go with it.

Meet Aaron. Although he didn’t get to pee on my leg (that’s jellyfish!), I think he was just as stoked to patch me up with crazy glue.

Rest. The ocean’s not going anywhere. You’ll be out and ripping again in no time. Some stings take a few days to heal, others a little longer.

Note: To avoid this whole scenario altogether, spook them off by shuffling your feet as you wade out and don’t jump off your board into swallow waters as you ride in. (kook) 

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7 thoughts on “how to survive a stingray attack

  1. charles standing on one foot pointing at the sun says:

    ummm…i knew a ray…ray standing alone in the woods…a native guy. if you stepped on him it was cause he was pissed.

  2. Dammit Norah, haven’t I warned you to leave playing with pain to the pros? Hop on, girl.

  3. Mike B says:

    Crazy-glue patchwork is the best patchwork.

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