I’ve done something like this before.

September 11, 2001. My first day of post-secondary coincides with 9/11. I’m snoozing in  Sociology 101, while New York, New York goes down in flames.

What the fuck.

If this is where the world is heading, I may as well spend more time with my Great Love… which at the time was fencing.

Better break the news.

“Mom, I dropped out of University to train for Junior World Championships.”

She tells me to get a flexible job to help subsidize the goal.

Sweetness. Thanks for the blessing, madre. (And thanks for the slack insurance gig, Mr. P.)

Ten months and 2,000 plus lunges later, I’m competing for Canada at the Junior World Championships in Sicily, Italy. My mom sits piste side and videotapes my fights.

Ten years and a whole lot of heartache later, I’m seduced by another Sport of Kings. (Fencing being the forgotten sport of kings, surfing being the sport of Hawaiian kings.) What can I say? Great Loves ebb and flow.

Better break the news.

“Mom, I quit the office to get into surfing. I’m starting the tour in California.”

“I’m not surprised,” she says, the cheek of her Jamaican accent cutting the room. “Get travel insurance.”

Sweetness. Thanks for the blessing, mom. (And thanks for the travel insurance, Mr. P. I’m all in for a top up.)


One thought on “backstory

  1. Elizabeth Chong says:

    You notice a pattern here, girl? HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

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